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About Us

To meet the diverse needs of individuals, young adults and children, Future Leaders In Training (FLINT) has developed a community based behavioral health program. We provide in-home, community based as well as in office treatment programs that incorporate evidence-based treatment services both individually and in group settings.


Our community resources program is designed to provide educational training, supervised social interaction, community linkage, parenting aid and mentorship to develop productive individuals within their own community setting. Our treatment curriculum for behavioral and mental health issues is supervised by a Licensed Clinical Social Workers. FLINT encourages and administers family interaction and community services with trained professionals because teamwork makes the dream work.


We utilize a hands-on approach to teaching life skills with role play followed by questions and answers, open floor discussions, and video presentations.


Our primary goal is to enable individuals to overcome emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric difficulties by providing highly supportive and flexible treatment services.



Future Leaders in Training look forward to a day when all individuals can work together toward collective advancement.

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Future Leaders in Training (FLINT) strives to proactively prepare individuals for a rewarding future through day-to-day, interactive, practical application in real life situations. FLINT participates will be able to demonstrate behavioral techniques that foster compromise and determination leading to a more productive decision-making process, that traverse to future success. Our theory is that productive leadership is a byproduct of vision, illustration, and commitment, followed by proper action on a consistent basis.

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